2022 Publications

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A theoretical examination of localized nanoscale induction by single domain magnetic particles

Michael G. Christiansen, Nima Mirkhani, William Hornslien, and Simone Schuerle

Journal of Applied Physics 132, 174304 (2022)


Magnetic torque-driven living microrobots for increased tumor infiltration

Tinotenda Gwisai, Nima Mirkhani, Michael G. Christiansen, Thuy Trinh Nguyen, V. Ling and Simone Schuerle

Science Robotics, vol. 7: no. 71, pp. eabo0665, Washington, DC: AAAS, 2022.

Untethered: using remote magnetic fields for regenerative medicine

Parth Chansoria, Hao Liu, Michael G. Christiansen, Simone Schuerle-Finke, M Zenobi-Wong

Trends in Biotechnology , 2022-10


Multi-channel control of fruit fly behaviour

Michael G. Christiansen and Simone Schuerle

Nature Materials, vol. 21: no. 8, pp. 840-842, Basingstoke: Nature, 2022.

Assessment of alternative techniques to quantify the effect of injury on soft tissue in closed ankle and pilon fractures

Sascha Halvachizadeh, Roman Pfeifer, Yannik Kalbas, Simone Schuerle, Paolo Cinelli, Hans-Christoph Pape

Plos one 17 (5), e0268359

Magnetic Micro- and Nanoagents for Monitoring Enzymatic Activity In Vivo

Michael G. Christiansen, Matej Vizovišek and Simone Schuerle

Annual Review of Control, Robotics, and Autonomous Systems, vol. 5: no. 1, pp. 311-333, Palo Alto, CA: Annual Reviews, 2021.

The local soft tissue status and the prediction of local complications following fractures of the ankle region

Sascha Halvachizadeh, Felix Karl Ludwig Klingebiel, Roman Pfeifer, Martina Gosteli, Simone Schuerle, Paolo Cinelli, Boris A. Zelle and Hans-Christoph Pape

Injury, vol. 53: no. 6, pp. 1789-1795, Oxford: Elsevier, 2022.

Engineering Responsive Ultrasound Contrast Agents Through Crosslinked Networks on Lipid-Shelled Microbubbles

Dragana Dubey, Michael G. Christiansen, Matej Vizovisek, Samuel Gebhardt, Jasmin Feike and Simone Schuerle

Small, vol. 18: no. 12, pp. 2107143, Weinheim: Wiley-VCH, 2022.

Mixed Reality for an Enhanced Laboratory Course on Microfluidics

Andrea J. De Micheli, Thomas Valentin, Fabio Grillo, Manu Kapur and Simone Schuerle

Journal of Chemical Education, vol. 99: no. 3, pp. 1272-1279, Washington, DC: American Chemical Society, 2022.


Novel electrospun chitosan/PEO membranes for more predictive nanoparticle transport studies at biological barriers

Lea A. Furer, Ángela Díaz Abad, Pius Manser, Yvette Hannig, Simone Schuerle, Giuseppino Fortunato and Tina Buerki-Thurnherr

Nanoscale, vol. 14: no. 33, pp. 12136-12152, Cambridge, MA: Royal Society of Chemistry, 2022.

Engineering Cell-Based Systems for Smart Cancer Therapy

Nima Mirkhani, Tinotenda Gwisai and Simone Schuerle

Advanced Intelligent Systems, vol. 4: no. 1, pp. 2100134, Weinheim: Wiley, 2021.