Welcome to the Responsive Biomedical Systems Lab!

The Responsive Biomedical Systems Lab develops diagnostic and therapeutic systems at the nano-and microscale with the aim to tackle a range of challenging problems in health care.

The research focus is twofold: The group develops tools to study disease mechanisms in vitro at the cellular level. We then use this knowledge to inform the design and fabrication of responsive nanosystems that help diagnose or treat diseases with minimal invasion. These systems react to locally present signals of the disease environment, such as characteristic pH levels or enzymatic activity. Further, these systems are engineered to respond to externally applied stimuli including heat, acoustic, mechanical, or electromagnetic signals, resulting in a diagnostic or therapeutic output.

For this purpose, strategies derived from chemical synthesis, synthetic biology, and nanofabrication techniques are applied. This interdisciplinary work is based on the convergence of several fields and integrates methods and ideas from chemists, physicists, computer scientists, engineers, and mathematicians.

Multidisciplinary Team


Our Mission

Our mission at the Responsive Biomedical Systems Lab is to develop cutting-edge technologies that improve human health. We strive to create innovative biomedical systems at the micro-and nanoscale with the aim to enable more personalized and effective medical diagnosis and  treatments. Through interdisciplinary collaboration, rigorous scientific inquiry, and a commitment to ethical practices, we aim to be leaders in the development of responsive biomedical systems that benefit humanity. 

As team, we strive to create a place for science where everyone can flourish. We believe in providing a supportive and inclusive environment where individuals from all backgrounds and experiences feel empowered to pursue their passions for medical technologies and make meaningful contributions. Our goal is to foster a community that values diversity, collaboration, and intellectual curiosity, and where everyone is given the support they need to succeed. We are dedicated to creating a haven for scientific exploration and discovery, where the bright and curious minds can come together to push the frontiers of knowledge and make a positive impact on the world.